About the Fiction

Do not edit the game session fiction directly. If everyone starts editing it, things will get out of hand.

The fiction that we create and publish here will be the final word on how our story played out. Some strange things happen in RPGs that we can gloss over, or smooth out in the fiction. For example, if you notice in this first session Briston and the other PCs never really learned anything about each other, including Briston’s name. This is mostly because the fiction can’t describe the metagame of player interaction that influences and supplements PC interaction. I also added quite a bit of dialogue where it was lacking.

If you feel that your character would have said or done something different, let me know. Just copy the paragraph of text in question and email it to me with your suggested revisions.

The fiction will also serve as a reference for NPC names, clues, story events, and so on. If you have a question about something that happened five sessions ago because you can’t remember it, you’ll be able to refer to the fiction.

About the Fiction

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