Dramatis Personae



Androcus Arstot: A small man standing to 5’2", he has long blonde silken hair, ice blue eyes, and a rather plain face. Though he typically wears robes of royal blue, his preferences shift to an emerald green when he finds travel in the wilderness necessary. He also carries a long staff for aid when he walks, especially after being on his feet for a long time. Skinny, signet ring, stockinged, not arcane robes, puritan penny loafer type shoes.

Annalisa de Mille: A lady of the de Mille family who has a romantic interest in Androcus Arstot.

Baroness Minia Provenmire:


Caled: Doorman at the Elinost Library who Androcus recognized.

Calon Pendus

Ellia Salarian:

Erlandir Woodleaf:

Fildon Trelane

Garl: A street tough who was wounded by Rook when he and some other hired thugs assaulted the companions on the night that Telan’s Counting’s burned down. He fled to The Gully after the companions killed his fellow assailants.

Grund Crystalmace

Hanzi: Androcus’ mentor in the arcane arts.

Jediah Tapenhall

Jessa: A tavern girl who Vikander sometimes spends his evenings with.

Malithor Arstot: Patriarch of the Arstot family.

Man with the port wine birthmark: The man who removed the scroll that Erlandir was searching for from the Elinost Library the day before the Elf got there. He was described as a tall human man with blond hair and a large port wine birthmark on the left side of his neck.

Nelus ir Dinel: Chief Librarian at the Elinost Library who would not admit Erlandir into the archives without a letter of sponsorship. Androcus charmed him and they were granted admittance.

Parson Theil: A young librarian working in the Library of Elinost.


Rose Glestril: The object of Vikander’s affection, she has yet to fully reciprocate his interest.

Sevrith: A purveyor of all manner of black-market goods. He is trying to sell a newly recovered Alethi rune to Androcus. Androcus charmed Sevrith but their meeting was interrupted by Garl returning to The Gully.

Shanira: A serving girl at The Gilded Chalice drinking house.

Silvana Aranesti:

Skyla Twintrees: A cousin of Erlandir’s who lives in Elinost and provides his with a place to stay when necessary.

Telr: A slightly emaciated man with dark hair, Sevrith is a troubleshooter who has worked out of The Gully. With the aid of some roof-top archers Sevrith confronted the companions in the street outside The Gully and was able to discourage the Vikander, Rook, Briston, and Erlandir from pursuing Garl farther. Telr smokes sweet smelling tobacco through a homemade wooden pipe.

Terius dan Laren: The noble who wrote a letter of sponsorship for the man who removed from the Elinost Library that Erlandir was looking for.

Thalia Glimmerfrost:

Tobias: The Arstot family manservant.

Man with the port wine birthmark: The man who removed the scroll, that Erlandir sought, from the Elinost library the day before Erlandir arrived.

Vikander Anoleis: A man of average build, Vikander is 5’10" and has sharp, handsome features with narrow green eyes. His has jet black hair that is, somehow, naturally spiked. Under a well-earned traveler’s cloak he wears a rustic green tunic, deerskin leather breeches, and boots. On his back Vikander always carries a sturdy leather backpack that holds books of songs, poetry, and history.

Zeronoss Darklight

Dramatis Personae

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