The capital city of the Mageocracy of Diagros, Elinost lies at the heart of the Central Plains. Elinost’s arcane founders established their first magical institution in this location millennia ago due to the thinness of the Veil Between Worlds here at the heart of the plain. Over the centuries, the magical families became a nobility of sorts with their power centered on the academy grounds. Others, including traders, laborers, and craftsmen, and service providers migrated to the land surrounding the academy and the city of Elinost was born.

Today, Elinost, and the whole of Diagros, is ruled by the Council of Magi. The council is composed of five members, each a representative of one of the oldest arcane families. Day to day management of the city’s affairs falls to First Minister Scelion,

Elinost is comprised of five city districts, each with its own populations and cultures, that are almost cities unto themselves.

The police force of Elinost is the Griffon Watch. The Griffon Watch’s ranks is made up of enlisted common folk and led by officers with arcane ability and ties to the Magi families. Some specialists within the Griffon Watch are called Claws. Claws are usually skilled spellcasters that undergo extensive training to track down and deal with the supernatural threats that are common in and around Elinost where the Veil Between Worlds is its thinnest.

The heart of Elinost, referred to as the Old City, is surrounded by a massive stone wall rumored to be reinforced by magics. Altogether, Elinost’s old city comprises only a small portion of the city overall. Rapid population growth forced many people to build outside the wall and today the majority of Elinost’s population lives without it’s protection.


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