FC Occupations

A specialist in mental illness, you may be a Vienna-trained psychoanalyst, a neurologist who studies brain function, or a medical doctor with a strong interest in behavioral science. Although Freudian theories are coming to dominate the field, they are far from universally
understood or accepted.

Suggested Skills: Biology, Languages (German & Latin), Research, Medicine, Psychoanalysis, Empathy.

As much a state of mind as a profession, you value the past and willingly immerse yourself in it. You may have a small independent income, you may be a resident scholar at a museum or gallery, or you may condescend to deal in antiques, books, or the objects d’art of a more gracious era.

Suggested Skills: Architecture, Art History, History, Languages, Law, Research, Rapport, Resources.

You travel to strange, far places to uncover the past. You may be a meticulous scholar, working in libraries and devoting your career to a single dig, or you may be little better than a tomb robber, wielding a bullwhip and pistol to bring trophies back to your museum. You may depend on such treasures to fund your expeditions, or you may get grants from universities and foundations.

Suggested Skills: Archaeology, Athletics, Investigation, Medicine, History, Languages, Research

Whether you are a painter, a musician, a sculptor, an architect, or even a performer, you follow your Muse where she leads. Sensitive and temperamental, by reputation if not in fact, you already inhabit a demimonde that most never understand.

Suggested Skills: Architecture, Art, Art History, Craft, Deceive, Rapport, Photography, Empathy

You use words to capture existence, to conceal yourself, to reveal the truth, or to sell fantasy
to Depression-stricken readers. Perhaps all of the above. Your labors are solitary and your
rewards sporadic; you may have too much time to think. With discipline and a modicum of skill, though, even a pulp writer can still keep his head above water.

Suggested Skills: Art, History, Languages, Research, Empathy

Itinerant revival preacher, trusted neighborhood priest, scholarly rabbi, or eager missionary, the varieties of clerical life present many of the same challenges to those who listen most intently for God’s call. You may be predisposed to believe in the supernatural, but you are peculiarly vulnerable to the maltheistic revelations of the Mythos.

Suggested Skills: History, Languages (Latin, Greek, Aramaic, or Hebrew), Research, Psychoanalysis, Empathy, Theology.

Those who live on the other side of the law are already aware of a secret world of degeneracy, desperation, and evil beneath the normal ways of civilization. Some criminals have built their own codes and laws to shield themselves from the realization that all human order is breakable by acts of will. Others revel in this discovery.

Suggested Skills: Fight, Notice, Provoke, Rapport, Repair, Shoot, Stealth, Streetwise

You are self-supporting, living off an inheritance, trust fund, or other source of independent
income. Free from the pressures of forced employment, you may dedicate yourself to any pursuit you choose.

Suggested Skills: Resources, Rapport

You see your work as emblematic of the best in society: rational, humane, clean, and selfless. If only society could be cured or cut free of its diseases the way the body can be purged by treatment or surgery! The wealthier and more successful doctors can avoid the blood and filth that their noble aims are built upon.

Suggested Skills: Accounting, Biology, Forensics, Investigation, Languages (Latin), Medicine (at least +3), Empathy, Rapport

You are not merely one of the millions out of work in the Depression. You are one of a
breed apart, a king of the road. You ride the rails to avoid society, looking for handouts and
working only when necessary. You may be a thief on occasion, but you would no more become a professional thief than you would take any other job.

Suggested Skills: Athletics, Notice, Provoke, Stealth, Survival, Streetwise

Whether for newspapers, magazines, or radio, you piece together the patterns of life and
build them into a story, revealing the truth about the world around you. You may try to keep
yourself separated from the story, especially if it is one of corruption and selfishness, but how can you avoid your own words?

Suggested Skills: Deceive, Investigation, Languages (for foreign correspondents), History,
Photography, Empathy, Rapport, Streetwise

You place yourself between others and danger, for a paycheck, for your flag, for your mates, or because you have no other good options. Your life is rote and routine, boredom and bureaucracy, dust and drill. And sometimes, of course, madness, death, blood, and nightmares.

Suggested Skills: Athletics, Fight, Provoke, Shoot, Survival

A nurse is a trained medical assistant, sometimes male, more often female. nurses are usually less comprehensively trained, always less well paid, and often less distant and callous than medical doctors.

Suggested Skills: Biology, Medicine (of +2), Empathy, Rapport

Academics hold you in dubious regard, while true believers doubt your sincerity. You straddle – perhaps uncomfortably – the line between reason and superstition, between faith and proof. You believe that the supernatural is merely the natural we have not yet studied, or perhaps that the methods of science can uncover or confirm the truths of theology.

Suggested Skills: Anthropology, Empathy, Notice, Occult, Photography, Research

You live to fly, and you fly to live. You might be a Great War veteran seeking leftover thrills
on the barnstorm circuit, or a private courier hoping to strike it rich and found your own air
service. You might fly cutting-edge birds for a rich man, or build your own ship out of whatever you can scrounge. Whatever your route to the sky, it’s the only place you want to be.

Suggested Skills: Astronomy, Driving, Electrical Repair, Mechanical Repair, Notice, Piloting

Police Detective
You live by the code of the cop, whether it’s the one they put on the wall at the academy, or the one you picked up on foot patrol in the bad neighborhoods. You draw lines between cops, perps, and civilians, and it’s best when nothing crosses them. When the law and justice disagree, that’s when you decide where the line runs.

Suggested Skills: Athletics, Driving, Empathy, Fight, Investigation, Law, Notice, Shoot

Private Investigator
There are things that cops can’t do, and things that cops won’t do, and you’ll take money to
do either. Sometimes you get dragged into something the cops want you out of, but you gotta stay in it to keep the cops honest. What keeps you honest? now, that’s the real mystery, ain’t it?

Suggested Skills: Accounting, Burglary, Deceive, Driving, Empathy, Fight, Law, Photography, Rapport, Shoot, Streetwise

You might be a calm solon, dispensing the wisdom of the ages between puffs on your pipe.
You might be a hapless child in an adult’s body, incompetent in anything except Middle High
German, and vainglorious and petty about that. You might be the second, and think you’re the first, to the great delight of all who behold you.

Suggested Skills: Academics (any), Bureaucracy, Languages, Research

You seek to advance science, perhaps to improve the world, or perhaps to tease out some
long-denied truth. You may consider yourself handy around the lab; that third fire could
have happened to anyone. You just need more equipment, more time, more samples, more
understanding colleagues. Perhaps the fools laughed at you at the university. Well, you’ll show them.

Suggested Skills: Investigation, Languages, Photography, Repair, Research, any of the following: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Cryptography, Forensics, Geology, or Physics.

FC Occupations

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