Three gods are worshiped across Scalacia, The Light, The Balance, and The Darkness. Many believe that all three are aspects of the same all powerful being but this fact is hotly debated, often at the end of a bloody sword. Each deity has different aspects; different aspects of The Light could be The Bringer of Life or The Healing Light, different aspects of The Balance could be The Watcher of Ages or The Twilight Shepherd, and different aspects of The Darkness could be Father Death or The Outer Dark. Further confusing issues is the fact that different cultures know these aspects by different names. For example underground Dwarven clanholds often maintain a shrine to Norathir, The Deep Dark who they believe causes Dwarfs who displease him to lose their way in the world’s deep places. All Dwarfs respect Norathir and avoid cursing in his name to avoid drawing his attention.

Aspects of The Light


Aspects of The Balance

Aspects of The Darkness


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