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“?” Baked Delights

Cook’s Market

The Gilded Chalice: An upscale “pub” type drinking house, The Gilded Chalice is popular among the young nobles of Elinost and has one of the best selections of wines and artisanal liqueurs in the city. Notable Characters: Shanira

The Good Night Inn: A pleasant hostel located between Cawder and the Merchant Quarter, the Good Night Inn is a staple of it’s neighborhood. Notable Chracters: Jediah Tapenhall

The Gully: A seedy tavern on The Low Road just within the Docks District of Elinost. The Gully is legendary for its gambling, fights, and low-quality ale. It is also relatively well-known as a hang out for members of Elinost’s thieves’ guild. Notable Characters: Telr, Sevrith

The Library of Elinost: The largest repository of information in all of Diagros, if not all of Itania. Notable Chraracters: Nelus ir Dinel, Parson Theil

Telan’s Countings

Story Places

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