Story Threads

Where is Rook: Rook was supposed to meet Vikander at The Gilded Chalice at 7th mark but never showed up.

Telan’s Countings: The office of a local bookkeeper/accountant, Telan’s Countings burned to the ground shortly after midnight early in the morning of the 16th of Atumnist. While trying to rescue Telan the companions found him dead, his head bashed in. Erlandir recovered some loose papers from the floor of Telan’s sitting room before exiting the burning building. Rook may also have discovered something.


Rumors of Erlastlyn: scroll removed from The Library of Elinost by a man with a port wine birthmark on his neck. This man gained access to the library with a letter of sponsorship from Terius dan Laren.

Alethi Rune: Sevrith has an Alethi rune for sale. It supposedly is the rune for “the fire that burns.”

Story Threads

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