The Elves

The elves of Scalacia originally came from their now lost homeland of Eralastlyn which is thought by many to be somewhere northeast of Diagros. For some unknown reason Eralastlyn sealed itself in the distant past, banishing its people to the world of man. Interbreeding and intermingling with humans has caused the elves to lose a lot of their cultural identity including much of the knowledge and memory of Eralastlyn. Many Elven scholars and adventurers occupy themselves with reclaiming the lost lore of their people so that they can once again look upon the wonders of their ancestral home, a place only the most ancient of their kind can recall at all.

There are many different clans of Elves. Ilinothuin is a term that loosely means “the people” in elven, and is often used to describe the entire race because the term “elf” sometimes has derogatory connotations.

One specific clan of elves is the Erlastlyninqua. Their name means Keepers of Erlastlyn in the elven tongue and they have the self-imposed task of searching out and recovering information and artifacts related to Erlastlyn.

Elven Gods, The Elvalaino

In the time before the “Great Purification” (which is what the Eralastlyninqua refer to the exile of the elves from Eralastlyn), the elves of Scalacia had a pantheon of many gods. For a short time after the purification, the elves forsook their ancestral gods, blaming them for their expulsion. This thought process did not last long. During the brief period in which the elven gods (Elvalaino as they are now known) were not being worshiped, they had a civil war blaming each other for the loss of worshipers. In the end, only three gods survived and they were forever changed. Now each of the surviving gods rules over several domains instead of just one. The last of the Elvalaino are revered more highly then any individual one prior. There is no chief god/goddess, but rather a balance of powers. The three, a.k.a. the three true gods, are named Aeruimlamar, Ceron’dal, and Sainuru.

Aeruimlamar the only goddess among the Elvalaino, presides of over family, clan, home, love, marriage, agriculture, fortune, and life. She is highly revered by all the elven clans. Aeruimlamar is often depicted as a beautiful elven maid with long shiny hair either the color of the silvery moon or the golden sun, depending on her mood. She wears a flowing gown that is embroidered with Eralastlyn roses and clan symbols and carries a staff inlaid with stars and beautiful gems. Her has eyes are of a deep, rich blue color. Aeruimlamar sacred symbol is a blazing Eralastlyn rose enclosed in a house with the ancient elven rune for clan at the top.

Ceron’dal is a bestial god, who presides over the hunt, justice, animals, forest, bodies of water (river, lake, ocean, and etc.), storms/seasons, knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. He has four known forms. The first form is a powerful silver wolf that he assumes when dispensing justice upon those who deserve it. The second form is large bronze great horned owl, he uses this form when he needs to provide wisdom for those who seek it. His third form is that of a huge golden stag, this form is used when guiding the lost or the fallen to their destination. His last form is that of an elven hunter, clad in typical hunter gear with an ornate longbow. He is said to have piercing eyes of emerald and with forest colored hair. This form is used when the others do not apply. His sacred symbol is a giant eye with an x where the pupil should be. In each of the spaces is one of his animal forms, and in the last space is the elven rune for hunter.

Sainuru is the last god of the three, he resides over magic, death, war, revenge, disasters, and monsters. He tests heroes by throwing monsters at them. He is depicted as tall elven knight with fiery glowing eyes and dark wild hair. He is said to wear midnight black armor embroidered with the elven runes for magic and source. He carries a greatsword with scenes of heroic elves dying in battle engraved along the blade. He chief among warriors and death clerics. His sacred symbol is a skull being pierced by a greatsword with runes in the eye sockets. In left eye socket is the rune for magic and in the right eye socket is the rune for the source.

The Elves

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