HotDQ Campaign Timeline

7th of Kythorn (June) – Blazeheart and Jaherobad come across Greenest as it is attacked but a raiding band of the Cult of the Dragon.

8th-9th of Kythorn – Blazeheart and Jaherobad track the cultists to their camp and rescue Leosin Erlanthar.

9th of Kythorn – The PCs return with Leosin to Greenest.

10th of Kythorn – After another trip to the raider camp, Blazeheart and Jaherobad infiltrate the cultist’s cave.

11th of Kythorn – Upon returning to Greenest our heroes find Leosin gone to Elturel and set out after him.

17th of Kythorn – After 6 days on the road, Blazeheart and Jaherobad arrive in Elturel and meet with Ontharr and Leosin.

18th of Kythorn – Upon completion of their meeting with, and being tested by Ontharr, the PCs set out by boat down river on the Chionthar to Baldur’s Gate.

21st of Kythorn – The characters arrive in Baldur’s gate and set about getting highered onto the caravan they think the cultists are hiding their wagons within.

26th of Kythorn – Blazeheart and Jaherobad hire onto Lai Angesstun’s caravan and set out north olong the Trade Way the next morning.

27th of Kythorn to 9th of Eleasis (August) – The PCs travel with Lai Angesstun’s caravan to Daggerford, 1 & 1/2 tendays from Waterdeep.

HotDQ Campaign Timeline

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