HotDQ Chapters 1 and 2

The Cult of the Dragon has enlisted the aid of human mercenaries & bandits, kobolds, ambush drakes that were green scaled and wolf-like, and even a dragon in their predations on Sword Coast communities.

Praise Tiamat’s Glory

When the Cult of the Dragon attacked Greenest, led by a half-dragon named Langdegrosa Cyanwrath, their primary intent didn’t seem to be taking prisoners or slaves. They instead were focused on the village’s valuables for themselves.

While in Greenest you were approached by a young monk named Nesim Waladra who asked you to help locate his master, Leosin Erlanthar. You tracked the raiders of Greenest back to their camp and found a veritable army encamped in a box canyon around a dark cave.

Praise Tiamat’s Glory

While surveilling, infiltrating, and fleeing from the Cult of the Dragon army you learned a few things about them:
*The cultists are organized into ranks, a few ranks that you have learned are:
- Initiates, not full members of the cult
- Dragonclaw – the seemingly lowest rank of full members of the cult
- Wyrmspeaker – one of the highest ranks in the cult, it seems there are very few Wyrmspeakers.
- Wearer of Purple – Definitely a leader of the cult, though you are as of yet uncertain where they fit into the hierarchy.

*You often saw cultists extend their right hand with fingers outstretched while declaring, “Praise Tiamat’s Glory,” in greeting to each other. Sometimes this salute is with two fingers curled back.

*Many of the people in the camp were not full members of the cult. Many were brigands or mercenaries, kobolds, or initiates.

*The kobolds didn’t seem well-liked by the rest of the camp, which is why their tents were on the outskirts of the canyon.

*The cult has been ranging far and wide on raids for treasure.

Praise Tiamat’s Glory

*This army of the Cult of the Dragon was led by a half-black dragon named Rezmir, though the camp seemed supervised by a human Wearer of Purple named Frulam Mondath.

*The mother of all dragons — Praise Tiamat’s Glory — shall return, and when that day comes, all the nations of the world shall tremble before her majesty.

After rescuing Leosin Erlanthar the characters returned to the Cult of the Dragon camp to learn if the the raiders were preparing for another raid, or if a large body of them marched away, or if anything substantial was carried into or out of the dark cave at the camp’s heart.

HotDQ Chapters 1 and 2

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